The Regencore Method

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Regenerative Medicine boosts the body’s ability to heal itself naturally. Treatment with regenerative medicine can create living tissue in the body that has been damaged from disease or degeneration.

Every case is approached in a unique and holistic manner. There are four components as to why a joint may be degenerative or injured:

  • Mechanical /alignment
  • An aging articulation
  • Lifestyle (diet, weight, overuse, lack of movement)
  • Trauma

The RegenCore Method touches on all of the above components. Our custom approach results in the best possible outcome, and a successful return to pain-free activity.

Your Visit

  1. Consultation
    Your office visit will begin with an evaluation which includes a detailed history and review of any existing x-rays or MRI to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for Regenerative Therapy.
  2. Personalized Care
    Every case is approached in a unique and holistic manner. Our treatments involve multiple regenerative medicine modalities for a custom approach.
  3. Effective Treatment
    There is no guessing when it comes to our protocol. Not only is our method based on solid research backed by Regenerative Medicine, our protocol was developed and improved upon over thousands of successful cases.
  4. Follow Up
    We provide follow up visits with nutritional plans, targeted exercises, supportive bracing, and progress evaluations to achieve the most effective results.


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